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Imagining Incense

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Grouse Records 106

The choral music of R. Murray Schafer, Volume 3.

Imagining Incense R. Murray Schafer 
Track Listing:
  • Magic Songs
    • Chant to bring back the wolf
    • Chant to make fences fall down
    • Chant to make fireflies glow
    • Chant for clear water
    • Chant for the spirits of hunted animals
    • Chant to keep bees warm in winter
    • Chant to make bears dance
    • Chant to make the stones sing
    • Chant to make the magic work
  • Three Hymns from The Fall Into Light
    • Holy is God, who is before the first beginning
    • Holy is God, who gave us all a soul of light
    • Be opened, O Earth
  • Rain Chant
  • Alleluia
  • Beautiful Spanish Song
  • Imagining Incense
    • Manaka
    • Manaban
    • Kyara
    • Sumotara
    • Sasora
    • Rakoku
  • Chant for the Winter Solstice
  • Three Songs from the Enchanted Forest
    • Sweet Clover
    • Ariane's Lament
    • Lu-li-lo-la