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The Vancouver Chamber Choir's Groundbreaking Series

Music for Healing

The Vancouver Chamber Choir has broken new ground with its innovative Music for Healing recordings, a series of three discs designed to accompany people facing serious life challenges. It has been funded entirely through generous donations by individuals and organizations who want to be part of an important and ongoing gift to the therapeutic process in their communities.

The first CD, Finding the Still Point: Music for Healing, was released in September 2006. Created to accompany alternative therapies and for use in palliative care, the repertoire chosen is serene, sung in many languages, and shaped by the interspersing of Gregorian chant. It has been an unprecedented success, not only for the choir, but also for those who find in it a window to inner stillness. One doctor wrote, “I continue to listen to your first CD in this series – it is a gift of the soul to my soul.” A family wrote, “The music you left made that hospital room a sacred space.” Co-producer Laverne G’froerer was invited to speak of this disc, and of the follow-up disc, Unexpected Gifts: Music for Healing II, at the National Arts Centre Foundation Roundtable on Healing and the Arts. In a gesture of true community service we are now introducing an exciting opportunity for organizations to produce personalized editions of Finding the Still Point for use in their own awareness-building and fundraising campaigns.

The second CD, Unexpected Gifts: Music for Healing II,was released in April 2008. There are two versions of this CD: an all-music version for commercial sale, and one subtitled the family set – dialogues for families in crisis. This latter version, which intersperses seven segments of dialogue with the beautiful folksongs of the music disc, is meant to support families going through the serious illness or loss of a child. Its intention is to be a catalyst for re-opening lines of communication and intimacy – to provide a safe “permission to talk” time where anything can be brought to the table. The commitment of the choir is to donate this family set to healthcare professionals dealing with families in crisis. In September 2008, Laverne was invited to be present at the International Congress on Palliative Care in Montreal to distribute this family set free of charge to delegates from 51 countries. To date we have donated 1,750 copies.

We are excited to introduce the third CD in the series, A Quiet Place: Music for Healing III. Recorded in Spring 2013, the CD will be released November 15th, 2013 in conjunction with the concert A QUIET PLACE Healing CD Release at Ryerson United Church. The focus of this CD is to provide a moment of inspiration and calm to those who struggle and to the circle of those family and friends who walk with them. When people are struck with a debilitating illness such as Alzheimer's, they often develop a sense of being
invisible. Friends no longer know how to be with them, so they prefer to remember the person the way he or she was, and keep their distance. It can be a lonely time.

This CD is meant to honour lives of wonderful people, to bring them back into focus. The music will be chosen, as with Finding the Still Point, to provide an environment of peace amidst whatever challenges people face, acknowledging the difficulties, but evoking a spirit of trust and healing.  It is our way of saying through our music, “You do not stand alone”.

To open the proposal for A Quiet Place click here.
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Saying thank you!

The Vancouver Chamber Choir is grateful to all who contributed to Finding the Still Point, especially the following people who generously sponsored pages in the booklet: Mary Jean Abbott, Cecilia Chueh, Tama Copithorne, Bill Dyer & Wendie Reinhardt, Al and Bernice Lill, Jacquie Forbes-Roberts, Laverne Gfroerer, Tim Laithwaite & Fiona Blackburn, Marla Mayson, Naramata Centre Healing Pathway, Roger & Laurine Nickel, Viviane Nitting, Spirit Singers of Highlands United Church North Vancouver, Bill Vermeulen and Sharon Yetman.

The Vancouver Chamber Choir is grateful to all who contributed to Unexpected Gifts, especially our lead partner the Michael Cuccione Foundation  and our sponsors, British Columbia Boys Choir, Bull Housser & Tupper LLP, Martha Lou Henley Charitable Foundation and Dorothy Gfroerer.