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Message from Jon Washburn

Fellow music lovers...

Now is the time of year when I suggest that you do yourself a favour — that you plan ahead for some special musical experiences to enrich your life during the coming 2016-17 concert season.

The Vancouver Chamber Choir makes it so easy for you. Just choose which concerts you would like to attend from this brochure and make up your very own subscription series! You have the convenience of getting your tickets ahead of time and the bonus of great savings, too.

If you like sharing your music with loved ones and friends, you can buy two or more subscriptions. Music is the greatest gift... no storage space required, for there's always room in your heart. How wonderful to introduce someone to a lifetime of beauty and poetry — this world needs more of both.

And we all make a positive contribution to our hapless world by making these concerts possible. Blessed are the music makers, because they are peacemakers, too. Our loyal subscribers and donors are not just music lovers, they are truly Patrons of the Arts, making the music happen.

So do yourself (and the world!) that favour... and I'll see you at the next concert!

Jon Washburn
Conductor and Artistic Director

Click HERE to download the 2016/17 subscription order form.