Jon Washburn Vancouver Chamber CHoir


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The Vancouver Chamber Choir is devoted to excellence in performance, and to mentoring and encouraging new talent. The Choir is a leader in its educational initiatives and community outreach programs. These activities provide a critical link with today’s youth, foster a better appreciation of choral music, and contribute to the growth of choral music in Canada.

One of the hallmarks of this non-profit society is the scale and scope of outreach and educational programs offered throughout each season. The Choir also trains singers, conductors, and composers across Canada in its ongoing effort to contribute back to society, to preserve the choral traditions of the past, and to encourage growth and innovation in the works of the future.

In June 2000, Mr. Washburn and the Choir were honoured with two awards at the 2000 Chorus America Conference, including the Education and Outreach Award, given in recognition of the Choir’s outstanding programming in this area.