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Group Tickets

Plan a unique and unforgettable experience for your group at a Vancouver Chamber Choir event.

Got a group? Get a deal!

Groups of 10 or more receive tickets discounted up to 20% but there's more! Customize your event at the Orpheum or at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts by adding a reception after a performance, a private intermission bar service, and post performance artist chats.

What is considered a group?

10 or more people...whether you are friends, cousins, colleagues, employees, executives, members of an association, a church, students, alumni, or tourists. As long as there are 10 or more people - we'll consider you a group!

Group Admission (10 or more people)

To receive group pricing for Vancouver Chamber Choir performances, please contact Karen Seaboyer at (604) 738-6822 or with the title of the performance and we'll be happy to send you the prices.

The Youth Ticket Program

The Vancouver Chamber Choir is pleased to offer the Youth Ticket Program – a program that provides affordable tickets for some of Canada’s finest choral concerts. Students and youth may purchase rush tickets for $10 at the concert venue, one hour before the concert starts.

The Youth Ticket Program is available to:

Students: Any student with valid student ID, no age restriction

Youth: Anyone aged 26 or under, with valid ID

The Youth Ticket Program is subject to availability. Not valid with any other offer.