The Vancouver Chamber Choir Terms and Conditions

The following are the general terms and conditions applying to the purchase of tickets to the Vancouver Chamber Choir. We ask you to please read these carefully as by forwarding your application you are confirming that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions. Also, if you acquire tickets on behalf of anyone else, you agree to these terms on your own behalf and as an agent for them.

Ticketmaster or, when applicable, the Vancouver Chamber Choir, will use its best endeavours to supply you with the tickets you order; however, we cannot guarantee the availability of tickets, or that seating is available in the seating reserve that you request. Allocation of tickets is subject to availability. The Vancouver Chamber Choir reserves the right to reject any application for tickets or completed subscription order forms at its discretion.

You must purchase or obtain your tickets from Ticketmaster or, when applicable, the Vancouver Chamber Choir.

Latecomers may only be admitted to an event at a suitable time in the performance, if any, as determined by the venue management or the Vancouver Chamber Choir. Patrons who disrupt a performance may be asked to leave the venue.

The right is reserved to vary, substitute or withdraw advertised programs, artists, venues, and seating arrangements.

Subscription tickets may be exchanged up to two days working days before the original performance. Such exchanges may not be available for all concerts and are subject to the availability of tickets of an equal or lesser face value. A ticket exchange fee will apply. Exchanges can only be processed through the Vancouver Chamber Choir's Box Office, when relevant.

All patrons, irrespective of age, must hold a valid ticket and occupy a seat or dedicated position (unless this has the potential to cause injury to the person).

The Vancouver Chamber Choir is not liable for any claims, damages, losses, or expenses as a result of the cancellation of a performance or a change in the description of any performance.

Lost or forgotten tickets will only be replaced where the Vancouver Chamber Choir is satisfied that such tickets have been purchased by you in accordance with these terms and conditions, and where proof of purchase is available.

From time to time, the Vancouver Chamber Choir may make offers in relation to services available to ticket holders. These offers are subject to change without notice. The Vancouver Chamber Choir is not responsible for the performance of third parties in relation to any offer or service.

Please be aware that the layout of the Vancouver Chamber Choir venues may be unfamiliar to you, so you must take care at all times. You acknowledge that you are responsible for your own safety and for the safety of any person accompanying you. To the extent permitted by law, you release the Vancouver Chamber Choir from any liability for any damage, loss, liability or injury you may suffer in relation to your attendance at a performance however caused, including that due to any negligence or other acts of omission of the Vancouver Chamber Choir.

You agree to compensate the Vancouver Chamber Choir for any damages, loss, liability, or injury the Vancouver Chamber Choir may suffer as a result of your willful, reckless, or negligent acts or omissions at a venue.

Any device that records images or sound may not be brought into the venue. The aforesaid item includes, but is not limited to, cameras, video recorders, DAT recorders, and Compact Disc devices. Mobile phones, pagers, and similar equipment must be turned off before entry into the venue's auditorium.

The right of admission is reserved.

You acknowledge you are responsible for your own property.

If you are photographed, filmed or taped, you consent to the Vancouver Chamber Choir, or third parties appointed by them, photographing, filming or taping you. The Vancouver Chamber Choir or third parties appointed by them can broadcast, publish, license, and use any photographs, film, recordings or images of you without compensation. The Vancouver Chamber Choir, the third parties, and anyone acquiring from them a right to use the material are not liable to you in any way for its use.

The Vancouver Chamber Choir may choose not to enforce some of these terms in some cases. That does not mean that the Vancouver Chamber Choir is prevented from enforcing some or all of them as it sees fit. If any of these terms cannot be enforced, the remaining terms will survive.

The Vancouver Chamber Choir respects information privacy. The information gathered is for ticketing and the Vancouver Chamber Choir use only.