Artist Spotlight Session with Dinah Lea Ayre

Choir Position:


Favourite Memory of being in the Vancouver Chamber Choir:

Visiting the Maritimes for the first time on our cross-Canada tour of 2019. I love travelling! Getting to explore new cities is one of my favourite things.

What is it about choral music that moves you the most?

I love the community of singing in a choir. There’s something very special about how each voice is a relatively small but integrally important part of the whole picture, like a puzzle piece. When all those pieces are fit together, we can create something much more beautiful and complex than we can separately.

What keeps you inspired and motivated as an artist in Vancouver?

What keeps me inspired is seeing what other artists are getting up to. Vancouver has such an interesting collection of musicians, composers, theater – really everything, if you have a look around!

What has kept you going/motivated throughout the pandemic artistically?

Similar to the last question, it has been about seeing how other artists adapt and continue to produce incredible work. Although I miss live performances very much, the accessibility of online performance is incredible. I’ve watched a lot of performances in the last year that I would never have seen if I’d needed to travel to them. Also, I’ve been incredibly thankful that I get to keep singing with the Chamber Choir over this past season, I am so, so lucky.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Honestly, making music with friends is my greatest joy.

What is it that you most dislike?

Feeling stagnant. I always want to be learning something, moving forward in some way. One thing I’ve definitely wrestled with during this pandemic is having to redefine that on many levels.

What is your most treasured possession?

It’s definitely my piano.


Thank you Dinah for sharing your thoughts with us!