Auditions: October 10, 2019

The next round of auditions with our new Artistic Director, Kari Turunen, will be held on Thursday, October 10th from 2:00 to 5:00 pm. These auditions are open to all voice parts.

To be considered for an audition, please (1) confirm your interest, and (2) submit any additional documents (see below), no later than Monday, September 30th. We will pre-screen all applications, and we will contact selected applicants by Friday, October 4th to invite them to audition.

If you cannot make this date but are interested in future opportunities, please let us know. We accept applications on a rolling basis.

To complete your application, please:

  1. Send us your résumé in PDF format (by email to, including your last name in the file name AND in your email’s subject line,
  2. Send us a brief cover letter (may be in the body of the email or as a separate PDF), in which you:
    • Include a URL link to a recording of you singing (see FAQ below)
    • Specify your voice part
    • Indicate whether you are auditioning as a choir member, substitute singer, or soloist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of recording should I send with my application?

Your recording can be audio only, or video. It does not have to be professionally recorded. It does not require accompaniment. Please do not send an attachment; instead, upload the file to Youtube, Vimeo, or any cloud-based file sharing platform that can play the file and include the link in your email.

What is the difference between a choir member, substitute singer, or soloist? Can I audition for all three?

Most singers audition as regular choir members who participate in the full season of 10 to 12 concerts. If you cannot commit to a full season, you may choose to audition as a substitute (on-call) singer or a soloist. Opportunities for substitutes and soloists may arise once or twice per year. Choir members may be selected for solo opportunities at the discretion of the Artistic Director. You are welcome to audition for all three positions. If so, please provide details.

If I sent you my résumé already, do you still have it?

If you already sent your résumé, then yes, we have it on file. However, please make sure you have submitted all items as our list of required items has been updated (see above). Even if you have no new documents to submit, please respond with confirmation if you would like to be considered for an upcoming audition.

Is the position paid?

As we are a professional choir, all singers are compensated for all rehearsals and performances.

What should I prepare for the audition?

Candidates are asked to prepare two selections: one art song or aria, and one of your choice (any style). The audition will also include a sightreading component and a short interview. Piano accompaniment will be provided. Please bring printed sheet music for our accompanist.