NEW CD RELEASE: The Love that Moves the Universe

The Love that Moves the Universe

This latest addition to the Vancouver Chamber Choir’s outstanding series of Schafer’s choral works was recorded in 2018 as a special celebration of the composer’s 85th birthday. The title piece for choir and orchestra is a magnificent setting of selected cantos from Dante’s Paradiso in which the poet tries to look into the face of God. Also featured is The Star Princess and the Waterlilies, a delightful creation allegory for alto solo, narrator, women’s chorus and percussion, and Narcissus and Echo, based on the story as told by the Latin poet Ovid, set for a cappella chorus with baritone and soprano soloists.

Artists include the Vancouver Chamber Choir and Vancouver Chamber Orchestra, Steven Bélanger (baritone), Fabiana Katz (alto), Christina Cichos (soprano), George Roberts (narrator), Brian Nesselroad and Jonathan Bernard (percussion) and the Vancouver Chamber Choir’s longtime conductor and Artistic Director, Jon Washburn.