Cameron Haney

Cameron Haney, bass

Cameron began singing in choirs at age five and has sung in choirs ever since. After moving with his parents from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in the early 1960s he continued singing and, together with his brothers, was a founding member of the British Columbia Boys Choir.

He went on to study Music History at the University of British Columbia, taking cello lessons, singing in The University Singers and directing a church choir while wondering whether he should pursue his interests in Medieval Notation or Archaeology. Instead, Cameron joined the Vancouver Chamber Choir in 1979 after an audition that included singing Orlando di Lasso bass duets with Jon Washburn, and in the past three decades has sung in every rehearsal, tour and concert (except one).

Having almost no sense of direction, tours are often an adventure since Cameron has been lost (but was never late) in Helsinki, Moscow, Seoul, Rouen, Prague, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Vilnius, Taipei, Osaka, Chicago, Mexico City and Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

To find Cameron, look in the basses, usually second from the end.