Hilary Ison

Hilary Ison, alto

Hilary Ison remembers singing before anything else. She has a passion for excellent ensemble singing as well as solo performance. Studying piano and trumpet from a young age, she discovered a love for jazz and performed tirelessly while in her teens, fronting big bands, leading ensembles, and winning awards. This diverse musical background has shaped Hilary into the sensitive and versatile vocalist that she is today. She is recognized by her colleagues for her high level of musicianship and her warm, compelling vocal tone. Since moving to back to the West Coast from Montreal in 2014, where she studied voice at McGill University, she has been pleased to sing with many of Vancouver’s leading ensembles, including musica intima, Stellaria, and Cor Flammae. She is a section lead at St. Phillip’s church, and is thrilled to call the Vancouver Chamber Choir her musical home.