Melanie Yirenkyi

Melanie Yirenkyi is a music educator from Toronto with a background in classical piano and voice. As a member of the Ontario College of Teachers, Melanie has the privilege of sharing the joys of music with students in elementary schools and in her private studio. This would not be the case today had it not been for a turning point during her undergraduate studies which inspired her to make the switch from biomedical sciences to music. Melanie went on to obtain a BFA from York University, and later, a B.Ed. from Queen’s University’s Artist in Community Education program.

Aside from teaching, Melanie serves in the music ministry at Jarvis Baptist Church where she has been pianist and singer for over 10 years. Her involvement in various choirs throughout her life has led her to stages across Ontario and Europe and has fuelled her passion for choral music and her newfound love for conducting. Melanie is honoured and delighted to be participating in this year’s Conductors’ Symposium and is grateful to the Vancouver Chamber Choir for this opportunity.