Yvonne Usseni

Yvonne Usseni is a student at the University of Victoria in the Music Education program. She was a member of the BC Girls Choir for 11 years where she was inspired to teach music. She is developing her own conducting skills and, as she continues her journey through university, aspires to put her passion for music into teaching and directing the next generation of choir members.

During her time with BC Girls’ Choir, she has participated in many performances, festivals, and competitions, including the BC Performing Arts Festival which won the George S. Mathieson award in 2011 as well as singing at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. She has also participated in several international tours but one that will always stay close to her heart was travelling to Wales in 2018 and winning Children’s Choir of the World at the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod with her fellow singers.

Yvonne credits Fiona Blackburn, the Artistic Director of BC Girls’ Choir, and Dr. Steven Capaldo, the Associate Professor of Music Education and Conducting at UVic, as her inspirations. She hopes to follow in their footsteps, and eventually conduct a choir of her own.